Our History

and our values

We were born with the arrival of a small ferret breeding that was rescued by one of our workers in a market in the area. This small one motivated in us the desire to help to more wild animals that suffer from the illegal commerce and the abuses that this entails.

This is how the company Navarro Fruits decides to undertake the project of helping all types of defenseless animal victims of abuse and mistreatment, and return a life worthy of a living being.

Therefore, in 2014, this dream became a reality, and officially formed what is now called Margarita Zoo.

Junior, that little ferret pup, still lives with us.


To ensure the welfare and rehabilitation of wild species rescued through the service, professionalism and experience of our staff of professionals.


To be the best authorized zoo in the whole of northern Peru, mainly in Piura. Work on projects for the conservation and reintroduction of wild species that are in critical danger or vulnerable state.

Our Work

Conditions.Our veterinary team provides professional care to all species entering our establishment, through clinical care, a quarantine period when entering the zoo, semi-annual sanitary controls and continuous treatments.

Infrastructure The enclosures of our establishment have the space and the conditions that the animals that we require, projecting us to design and to construct environments more and more according to their natural habitats.